Timothy Livengood

Consulting. Referral Development. Event Production.


Seasoned marketing professional with experience in leading divisional marketing, referral development, project management collaboration, provider relations, public relations, and media relations for a multi-million dollar healthcare organization. Proven compassionate leader, known for creative team building, business centric operational functions, collaboration strategies, track record in increasing census by building relationships that increase contacts, qualified referrals, engagement with community partners, providers, and referral sources.

Timothy G. Livengood, MSL


  • Experienced in managing compliant, effective, and efficient businesses in a director role

  • Focused on long term business strategies and strategic framework, while meeting short term goals

  • Result driven, organized and detailed, while building effective and long term relationships

  • Ability to call team behaviors and develop learning plans for direct reports

  • Able to effectively create and collaborate with a team, while working independent of direct supervision

  • Utilize results and relationship centered approaches to reach goals

  • Maintains a high level of integrity and work ethic

  • Adapts to change quickly and creatively delivers change management to effected relationships

  • Presents a professional image to ensure client and community satisfaction